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Towards inclusive global rights protection for children living in de facto states

Part of the Children’s Rights Research team is currently working to see how the rights of children living in de facto states can be included in the United Nations human rights monitoring and reporting cycles. To this purpose, together with a large team of expert contributors, we have produced a report. This report will be presented to the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, and discussed with other relevant actors, in early May 2024.

You can find the full report here.

In addition, the report has been summarised, and this summary has been translated into several languages. You can access these translations below.

Lastly, part of the research work of the report was done by a group of five Maastricht University students, who mapped how different UN human rights bodies interact with de facto states. A large excel file presenting this analysis, with a tab for each de facto state, can be accessed here. The file is not 100% complete, however, it is an important dataset for anyone interested in international human rights law and de facto states.