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Projects awarded CRR funding

The Children's Rights Research Fund provides financial support for academic research on children’s rights and related educational projects​. The funds aims to be open for funding applications twice per year. The following projects have been made possible thanks to CRR funding:

You can read more about the fund here, and contribute by means of donations here.

Children’s Rights Research funding for SCORP – Alles Kids?! - Part I

The Children’s Rights Research Fund has awarded funding to an educational activity organised by student organization SCORP. SCORP is planning to take the children of the asylum centre in Maastricht to the Natural History Museum. The activity contributes to the children’s right to education as well as their right to play/leisure. As these students wrote in their application: “Living in an asylum centre can be overwhelming and stressful for them, since it is uncertain whether they can stay in the Netherlands or if they must move back to their country of origin. It would be a great opportunity for them to leave the asylum centre for a day and get the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills. Furthermore, this museum visit could also help them to build interest in science, expand their cultural knowledge and promote assimilation”.

This is us, SCORP, we are the Standing Committee of Human Rights and Peace (SCORP) of International Federation of Medical Students Association Maastricht (IFMSA). We are a worldwide association of medical students who aim to improve global health and health care provision by means of working committees, working on innovative projects in different locations. We as ‘’Alles Kids?!’’ are part of the standing committee, SCORP in Maastricht. Our aim is to organize fun activities for children of all ages in the asylum center in Maastricht. Since we are Maastricht-based, we usually go to the AZC in Maastricht where we organize activities for the children.

During Christmas, we decorated cupcakes with the children there and watched a Christmas movie. Another time we provided paint and brushes for the children and asked them to paint what ‘’Freedom’’ meant in their eyes. This yielded gorgeous paintings made by the children who each interpreted freedom in their own manner, based on their experience. 

Our next activity, currently planned to take place in the beginning of April, will be a trip to the Natural History Museum in Maastricht, where we will do a fun workshop with the kids. We are really happy with the funding we received, because this gives us as a project group the opportunity to organize more activities and give the children more chances to learn and explore.

*We blurred the kids' faces for privacy purposes. 

This picture was taken during the science activity that took place in March. These are 5 of the members out of the 8 members of the AllesKids?! project group.

This picture was taken during our painting afternoon

This picture was taken during the christmas activity.

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